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the joint, so as to divide sufficiently, in so doing, the capsular

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Pernoud, Joan M. — And some pressure — Letters to

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some time: once since December, 1914, and one since August, 1915.

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ing the eye. It is caused by foreign bodies, grit, and particles of

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spores of germs. Whether the water is distilled or ordinary water that

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and frequent attacks of coryza occurring during the cold

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atmosphere disperses them ; while, if they be organic

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indisposed his voice weakens and the unfortunate listener is

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cause be the seat of primary disease the very worst form of cardiac affection

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—and ask him if he will not do it again?" Who can doubt the difference of

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between two sections, a medical and a surgical. This

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exercise, and the use of ferruginous tonics. Soda water

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every man's practice. Further investigation would, however,

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bones he will almost invariably admit his error. The x-ray is

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a given case be investigated with reference to the existence and degree of this

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better for the administration of stimulants, I continue the

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stars, the prism showed a continuous spectrum — and thus, therefore,

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This is a most valuable addition to any physician's library. The

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nasopharyngeal mucosa of monkeys which the growth of the bacillus coli communis

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We are sorry we cannot afford to give a more extended notice

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Such a hypothesis seems to me far more satisfactory than the view of

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and in the best kept buildings. The Spanish immigrants

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d 'gree the faculty of seizing the main points of an argu-

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and character of the Spanish medical literature of the present

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wanted to. There is but one thing worse to a settled medical man than

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condition of the abdomen usually manifests the existence of over-

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more to our attention, if we consider that in the great majority

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by Dr. Geo. T. Elliot, Visiting Physician, in the treatment of sciatica ;

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