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literal and figurative sense." In the meetings of the Aberdeen

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The proportions are, six grains of ipecacuanha, four of blue

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as much of it as has been indicated by the author of the paper.

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operation, may be the chief cause of the neurosis."

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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of med-

betnovate n skin cream sverige

of medical art is exceedingly restricted. To this conclusion we must

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of necessity, against which all his struggles are in vain. This

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any of the acute diseases, even malaria. This association

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countries, as well as in the several districts of the same

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tines, and Peritoneum. Second American, from the third enlarged and revised Eng-

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two erysipeliform attacks took place, after which treatment

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favor, and ranked it among the most efficient of the

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The lid of the canister flew off, showing that the bullet in its passage caused

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cutem abdominis ; the incision was made in the same

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spine while the autointoxication is at its height. As the in-

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In regard to the question of prophylaxis : The remarks made by the

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learning as well as in arms." In the second place, the

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— POHORSKi {Wietter medizin. Presse, No. 32, p. 1293)

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Nothing certain has been ascertained as to the way in which

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that the excretions of a single patient may multiply sufficiently to poi-

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editor, and has l^een succeeded by Dr. A. McLane Hamilton,

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quently very tortuous. If operation is decided upon, the surgical indica-

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of warm bathing. This should be discouraged because

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