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In regard to the signs of pregnancy : In the first place, her

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to induce a permanent thickening of the mucous membrane of the urethra by

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University Hospital, the Episcopal, St. Timothy's, and St. Mary's Hospitals,

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providing a ligature for haemostatic purposes, free from the objections

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of atrophy not at all commensurate with their passive

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to the phraseology of "Will an, papular. The pimples gradually in-

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Couldn't kakos here act as apo, as Eustathius had thought? 24 What of

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trary doctrine. The principal facts adduced in support of

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In nearly all the cases there existed peripheral choroidal

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the result. The very initial stage of digestion is interfered

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— The Medical and Surgical Reporter of September 30, 1876, states that

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make their observations and their reading availal)h' to

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9. Hassid Rl: Indications and contraindications for vaginal hysterectomy.

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fell destroyer of humanity, to say nothing of the injury to com-

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tincture of veratrum viride, and antipyrine. Saline purgatives

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the system- peculiarly liable to this kind of disease ; besides,

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hospital in which the patients could employ any physician they chose. In 1894

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From the time of the introduction of these two types of shell to

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Letheby will read a paper entitled " The Facts elicited by tho

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The observing general practitioner of our city is able to

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/Str****^ ** •i^^-MejTrt*/ ^ uifc/,vv^^« jyt-^>. »'i:-' .^-M-^.-^y *M</J9rs.^f^, Kv^T-fH/'ySyi ^od^^enAoMiS^r

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at intervals for a few years afterwards. Two years after the

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stitch taken in the vaginal wall but not including the

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purpura of his lower limbs. He could never rise from his bed that a large

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of pain, or other like evidence, may remind the patient in later

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by its equipment is the career made ormarred. "In hoc signo vinces."

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based upon the presence of fat in varying quantities, and this was

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and thus the field is left cl^ar for the differentiation of

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