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completely healed. Six days later, five months and seven days subsequent to
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identical with, allied to, that in the acute disease. The affection called rheu-
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only, one can plainly distinguish a very marked dis-
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are prescribed in the same manner as are similar salts
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deleterious particles ; and the portion which escaped into the
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William C. Weisbecker, D.O., Associate Professor of Physiology
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I enjoyed reading the letter in the April issue describ-
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of the scleral layers, or of the optic nerve sheath ; it is clue solely to the re-
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were made with the same results in a much shorter time, the
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a constant symptom. The appetite is lost; thirst is usually nuuiod'
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upwards, the enlargement cannot well be discovered by examination.
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take in diagnosis ; but if only one or two should be present, as in our
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Hcno y r h age, Post-partum, Case of, Treated by Intra-
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tity of sugar; in others it is not present. Sometimes one biscuit will furnish
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unfold. Sections show that the grain is composed of a densely
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qualities of tellurium, it is said, made an eminent chemist
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M. Sc., Phila., 1891, n. s., cii, 512-519. Also [Abstr.]:
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those observed in the former affection. In leukemic retinitis it is especially
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mutes totally lacking vestibular perception, (3) deaf-mutes pos-
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time sporadic cases of scarlet fever and of diphtheria had
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There is at the moment no bleeding, and he vainly hopes there will be no re-
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other ailments, gouty, arthritic and neuralgic, with which it is often confounded.
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contain the common salt used in the household and in manufacturing.
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firmed by the experiments of Schiff and Griinhagen '
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summer diarrhoea, Norin reports successful use of rec-
betamethasone valerate pvc

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