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to give up work six weeks ago. Has also complained of pains in

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more liable to take certain diseases and less able to cope with them

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to this flank. It was thus shown that the rectum, descending colon, and

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larj'ngeal and its terminal filaments. On this account,

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Satisfactory to me at least it is, because the result of it goes to

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" Lancet London, 1^80, 1, 835, also.Med. Press & Circ, 1883, 289.

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tions of scurvy. The debility, though great, did not preve|it him from going

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tank for wash-stands. No. 464105; Dec.1,189]. — Phillips

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I consider that I come to you to-da}' a humble ambassador,

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often passed by as not susceptible of improvement. The cases are

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made by Dr. Frederick Mott, of London, which he thought had

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introduced through the skin or rectum into the blood,

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labored on making any exertion. This is due partly to the losses of

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presence of a peculiar fungus — from its fancied resemblance to a wool-

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mately, of the disease but not at the later periods.

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of the .size of a cocoanut, which was iiiraiovable and gave indis-

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dry sores ; blistered skin ; painful skin ; painful sores ; food rather than physic ;

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remedy to be given will depend upon the general symptoms of

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with the iodine. Five of these did not use the medicine

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become more mobile and freely miscible with water and other

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science, 73; Doyen, E., traitment chirurgical des atlcctions intlam-

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" the influence which modifies all ordinary mechani-

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Committee on Reorganization and asked its indulgence in giv-

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of the body, which lasts for a period varying from one to two

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Found in mycetoma and in cases of abscess of the brain. Mycehal

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other njethods. and one wliieii coidil i)e resorti tl to for

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