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areola of congestion ; several tubercles were in the
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driven by some underlying ebb and flow 7 of the collective
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Art. 82. — Acvte Dropsy, Scarlatinal and Idiopathic.
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of confiderable ingenuity and induflry has lately appeared,' whofe
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ly, no swelling of the soft i)arts over Ihe larynx was
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to write my lasj tribute to him on r ths ]:ages of the Southern California Prac-
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removal. They are not all of brick, as Dr. Rooke seems
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Hospital for Children, on May 19, 1919, with puralent otorrhcea on
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hours. (Hear, hear.) Now wit'n regard to another practical
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tial features of the experiments, the other being reinoculation.
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not equally essential to it with inflammation of the joints, and
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tity of morphia, and give the dose every half hour, especially
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Branch of the Association was held in the hoard-room
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fession, maybe applied with equal certainty to the furtherance
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intestine. In this condition the microbic invasion c
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individually. I devoted the year 1826 to these experiments, and finally,
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Information for Patients: As with all drugs with beta-blocking activity, certain advice to patients being
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Edited by T. Pickering Pick Roy. Svo, pp. 1224. Longmans . 36/-
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gomaxillary space. In the past, standard recommended sur-
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Hannay, Dr., on traumatic destruction of the brain's sur-
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private practice if desired by special appointment;
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iting, but by repeated use the patient has acquired a tolera-
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reach and maintain with ease the vantage-ground of civilization against all the
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patient referred to above, and with like happy results.
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were withdrawn and on this occasion there was extreme
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to be designed to strengthen the prejudice of the weak minded, and pre-*

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