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of notoriety. Most of those who peregrinated through

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cancer, and when obstruction occurs in elderly people

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length. The local species seem to bite at night and to

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ourselves with the above general reference to Prof.

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north, leaving three-fifths of the state without special public

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Again ; I liavc seen people enormously bled in acute rlicu-

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sooally I could not see any very brilliant future for it.

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being that of a prostitute, thirty years of age, who died

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was caught up by the sutures closing the abdominal incision. Pro-

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much more under our control. As to the morbid secretions,

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cessfully where the cases werfe severe in any other way

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with the production of indican. It is unnecessary to say

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style how his men stole sheep from the natives — as they said, " to

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Pal};e. John I>. A malignant growth in the uasopnaryni of a

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out, the distress is terrible, the dyspnoea is extreme, the expired air is cold,

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with the result that the fits return. If the fits are more fre-

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Dr. Jos. Chase mentioned a case in which the severe pain

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flatness on percussion is relatively diminished. The triangular shape of the

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considerably lower — even as much as '23". An electric spasm also

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Dr. Adler called them, to facilitate adjustment. As the

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effusion was applied to the head, and strong coffee ordered. After

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€HEi any other matter, it is sheer imposture calculated only

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required incision ; all in males — one was parotid ; one axillary, and one

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in which there is also a vial with 5 c.c. of neutral hydrogen peroxid. The

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