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trausplantatiousmetod. [A case of operation for congeni-

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produced by disease of other parts of the labyrinth, or even of the

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ment was discovered by Pasteur as a result of animal experimentation.

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observation of the kind from so attentive a clinical physician as

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reference to the amount of damage which the cranial contents have re-

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becomes loosened. These cases usually require special attention

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cific Street. The new buildings, now in process of erection,

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the ligatures (or pins) down to the peritoneum without transfixion, as

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many histories apparently substantiating this statement he

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Reprint. — Darier (A.) Nouveau procediS de keratotomie

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representation. We wish some of the "friends" of female Physic

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latter, their development from the pelvis, their relation to the uterus and

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often been taken for exostoses, fibroid tumors, etc. 6.

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Dr Watc says, '* possess sufhcient vigour, the reaction goes on to a

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grave importance when oedema of the glottis is incidental to pharyngitis.

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a providential arrangement for the preservation of life and health. The

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ma, and it is to be presumed that the primary illness was really

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in the necrotic masses, but in some sections, the head could

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■•'ii;-n'i' t.'r r.i-L> ..! t.,11: ,l,,,|. I ,,, ,,,,

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ful study of the following six varieties : the butter-bacillus of

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the fact that it can be done successfully. Michigan has done like-

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discovered that this was a streptococcic infection. He

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of the colored troops — the order, propriety and discipline of the men,

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to filth and defective drainage. There is no city in

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In treating a hot, cold, dry or moist disease with a food

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any gradual diuunution of the size of such species,

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