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the constricting action of the sphincter vagina, which

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the patient in whom the disorder begins, the less ultimate hope.

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In the past decade, most of these problems have been

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contraindicated in very weak patients with high fever, in

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with a diagnosis of tetany complicated by nasopharyngitis.

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16.— ITIillard. [Mortd'cedfemedela glotteau qiiarantieine

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is no more seen, but a sort of muco-purulent fluid in great

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the patient a chance where otherwise he perhaps has

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anesthesia. On September 11 the obstructing valves were

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nals. Wien. med. Wclmschr., 1899, xlix, 2413-2410: 1900,

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of tuberculous pericarditis in my series, nor among the

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organic condition of the patient into whom injections

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Those who live permanently at high altitudes gi'adually get used to the rarl-

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median line, are two depressions about the size of peas. One of these con-

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Leber, Michel, and others had referred to it before, but had never dem-

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necessary is the knowledge of visible and evident causes, yet

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the left side, observed immediately after his admission, on which side

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asked. Of those who replied, four said the responsi-

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The increase in the total number of circulating lymphocytes after

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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin.

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Gazette of 25th August it is intimated that His Majesty the

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jaw and the other on the manubrium or last cervical vertebra.

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incision may disclose the unexpected which may demand a variation

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