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peculiarities in the clinical manifestations of appendicitis. An extension
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ment, or encounters some roughness or projection or some pendulous
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on the thorough way in which the investigation was carried out and
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familiar with the evidence to say whether it supports this
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activity, nutrition is increased, the heart is strengthened and
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He finds an increase in the specific bacteriolysin and opsonin (gono-
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edge of the fact that the urine contained sugar, the patient would consider
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involved, with the primary lesion in the sympathetic gan-
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Friderichsen syndrome (hemorrhagic necrosis of the adrenal
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and in Newcastle, with a population of 58,000, so little as 39. These
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protoplasm granular or vacuolated, whilst in the white
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5. By lessening the toxaemia, to increase the resistance and
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venereal diseases. In this connection he practises diagnostic
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Most of the cells recover after such a lesion. Toxins acting
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the unwary purchaser only knows too late how cleverly he him-
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the kidney is subject to tumors arising from inclusions or occlusions of
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well known to the profession for his high professional attainments and
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Where Physicians may be supplied with all' kinds of appli-
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a slight remission, using it as an opportunity of giving fifteen or twenty
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differ. One report states that the disease has been in
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belief in goblins, haunted houses, and the veneration of
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heard of a plasmudium malan'cB; and although it was
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ing sensibly, though in monosyllables, to any question put
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The London and Edinburgh Monthly Journal of Mediccd Sciences,
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£emia is present, it is not surprising that such sudden transitions take
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the Hopital Bichat, in a work recently published by him,
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choice, that she had lost all respect for her- son's efforts to hold the quantity down and

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