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Any one who studies fever first in this city, and afterwards in Paris, will

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anti-pneumotoxine which produces the cure, there is something radi-

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trophy of the liver, a condition which is very conmion,

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tion of the appendix that he had seen. A boy, while playing

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character which appears to have been less prominently regarded, perhaps,

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mediately through the cimdyles of the femur, making

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catch a train. In the case of a small hiemorrhage, hemiplegia

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27, Remarkable Case of Injury of the Head, in which the Rujht Restiform

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changes which occur in this vary infinitely according to the part, the degree

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flesh, he could not, at least In our climate, either muhiply or exist. An 1

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hemorrhage by promoting uterine contraction is faradiza-

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until benefit or dryness of the throat is produced.

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cum officinale ; Nat. Ord. Zygophyllacece) are alterative

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must surely be a secreting epithelium. It is probable that by means of

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most useful. Under these cii*cumstances, if those first selected prove in-

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a good state of health until his thirty-fifth year. lie then became

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cannot be connected with a primitive cellular formation except

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&c., of the same poison, which must therefore be included in sundry

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preference young children, Asiatic cholera, to which it

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long intervals of rest from micturition were secured ;

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Nasal Catarrh as Difficult as has been Supposed ? "

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5. Kitahata LM, Collins JG: Spinal action of narcotic analgesics. Anesthe-

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rial selected for the purpose are placed in the hot mixture,

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be established at the station of the Korsor-Copenhagen

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