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came objects of great veneration, and this doctrine was
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buy betamethasone cream balanitis
cian weekly or oftener examines at the time of his medical
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of six hundred and eighty-nine references is given. The
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child five or six years old. This purgation was alternated by vapor-baths,
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It is a surgical fact that the female abdomen is much more tolerant of
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Let us now ask tlie sentinels of medical progress, in what
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pedical proofs of pregnancy — Feigned pregnancy — Plea of pregnancy — Concealment
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atheterized. Then he began to complain oi pain in the
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tears, galbanum, of each p. X- 1- rayrrh, castor, and pepper, of each p. X- H- of
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form elements, perfectly similar to those above-mentioned,
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perforation of the empyema may take place. In similar manner a
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15. The Effort Syndrome — Captain James E. Kerr, Med-ORC, Winston-Salem.
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by tonics and food. Asthenopia has been prominent from the
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The article on Epidemic Cholera is perhaps not as full as if it had been
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first obtained; and all such disinterred remains, or the coffin or casket
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might not be advantageously recommended to a large class of
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both when the vessel walls are felt to be tightly contracted, and also when
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good common sense, his reasoning powers, and whatever
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patient got into a dangerous condition, as suggested by one speaker,
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over the previous year. The number of insane in the
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I believe that as the streptococci does not excite in the resi-
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becoming stiff. The surface felt benumbed, and the sensibility
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ing used instruments unnecessarily ; it is, therefore, on this ac-
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We would most earnestly solicit the attention of the Medical
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nerves, or of those of the abdominal walls. They are liable to come and
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last division of cases : in which the anus is imper-
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of notoriety. Most of those who peregrinated through
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