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The paper is illustrated by five cases. In three the employment of

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ed there. In 1759 it was generally adopted in Philadelphia, where its

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causes the latter to fall into an inert state also. To restore cutic-

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described, that I should be inexcusable in occupying your pages with

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personne. À partir d'un certain moment, le fœtus est doté de perception nerveuse; à

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medicine is given, and what is given, is given too indiscriminately,

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took place frequently, it would be necessary to perform a

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us that the contents of the great and small intestines of the horse

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élevée de réalisation du risque n'y met pas nécessairement obstacle, si celui-ci ne

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for administering them, was to be found the great fort of the old

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of Dr. Holman for one on Stools and Mercury, shall he attended

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a geometrical calculator does on the visions of a poet, we give ut-

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gestured initials, about 5^X4^, representing incidents in the books they respectively

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why it should be confined under the class of emetics; for the same

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Art. 7. Nul ne sera soumis à la torture ni à des peines ou traitements cruels, inhumains ou

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gery and the most able in medicine, it would be found that as

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case of a patient, who took 15*20 grains of arsenious acid, got

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lic, for counsel in difficult cases, I would answer,

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Mr. Wilson, which was somev hat analogous to it, they would only

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We should be glad to receive from his ample experience, communi-

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l'expérience a la tâche non seulement d'informer pleinement le sujet, mais aussi de

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Facts and Reflections in regard to Cholera Infantum, By the

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be albuminuria. When a patient is seen for the first time

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plied every other day for about six weeks ; when the ulcers had nearly

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gesture of the opposite colour, rubrics, running titles (in red and blue), capitulation

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vessels of the superficial layer in the superior fornix, but also,

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(iv) The termination of the uterine arteries in the maternal

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it tore through a little further on leaving a portion of its

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the lungs, while animals are obliged to breathe azotic or hydrogen

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