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unsteady. Those who are afiected with this disease are also said to sleep

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mission and expulsion of members, election of officers,

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cystiform or to malignant degeneration, the result of the

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Congress, to be held at Lyons during the International Expo-

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Minutes of the House of Delegates — Roll Call 375

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The Essex County Society evidently knows how to create and main-

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is also a common parasite in Japan, China, and the Philippine

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time in a mortar until the solution is as perfect as pos-

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preexisting arthritis have been reported. Reversible

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situations, circumscribed inflammation of the serous investment takes

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can be taken; moreover, not a few cases of simple stricture are curable. The

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a descent of inguinal hernia, which had become irreducible. Hav-

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3 of spots on different days. The initial rash, measly or

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of the sixteen proving fatal. Liebermeister"^ considered that

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treated in the hospital, the first being an organic stricture, with

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M. Moore detached from the naval recruiting rendez-

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become corrugated in longitudinal folds, and now resemble very

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nurse, was taken to a small room adjoining the calorimeter room where

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are possible and equally in need of operative treatment, to

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thinnest, 120 at the thickest portion of the wedge. By means of a

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and ingenuity, suffered from a somewhat ungraceful delivery,

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high as 1 drachm three times a day between meals, and even this

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cbai operatsii episiocleisis pri fistula vesico -uretbro et

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The formed materials of our tissues differ widely from

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tlicir iiitfrciiiiiiiimiinitioi). When, tlit'irtnrc, |tn'ssiirc is

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similar occupations who suffer from this disease. The

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had to care for himself and be the master of his own

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valescent, the operation having been performed more

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length direcllj above the eyebrow down to the bone ; the fupra-

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of the exanthematous fevers, or of pain in ears at any

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1. Alterations in the Intestinal Villi in Cholera, 2

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