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L . C . Feemster, M . D . , Pres . , Nettleton, Miss .
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w of things, and make requisite corrections by address-
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tion to the area in question of unfiltered and infected water from
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Southern Ireland to take part in this; and we hope in this way to bring our
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rapid and shallow and the pulse more frequent. Cyanosis
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of keeping wet nurses affected with tuberculosis away from babies, and
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sodium acetate, and 1 c.c. of 50 per cent, acetic acid. The flask is
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worm may also' give rise to inflammatory thickening of the walls
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the result. The very initial stage of digestion is interfered
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ation and confidence is the one who succeeds, with well-
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Blue Shield. At that time Blue Shield, the Board of
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skull or by change in its own structures, may sink and seem to shorten
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for example, long celebrated for its cura-^a Wound of the External Musculo-Cutane-
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croup or Hives, there are perhaps none of the pectoral diseases
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aliment used will fail to be destroyed on account of deficient oxidation.
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an intraabdominal Injection of 3 c. c. of a mixture of deHbrlnated blood and
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The alteration in the apparatus concerned in the absorption of all nutrient
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The first was " V," aged 40, a telegraphist who complained especially of a
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An Investigation of Adenoids, Especially with Beference
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gout and arthritic complaints." And I think there can be no
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best druggists, where they keep none but the French chlorate. This,
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taken purposely with suicidal intent, or accidentally.
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growth and development were precisely the conditions which,
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In fact, Aronson found that when children treated in
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necessary to secure the object desired. The duration of the
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241-243. Also: Yeroflentl. d. Hufeland. Gesellsch. in
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two inches beyond the edges of the wound. To this end is
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locally ; the bacilli are attached to the membrane in the
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the name Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus, thereby de-
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kept as still as possible and the breathing abdominal. There is
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to the function of the epithelium in digestion. Some maintain that it

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