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that, at the beginning of the winter session, many of our readers

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to literature, I would refer to papers by MacBride and

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fit to be coming on, or when the fine rdles in the larynx above described

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human beings have been reported by several observers abroad and by

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at the temperature of their laboratory and then they

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ulcer and growth are attacked directly with diathermy without any hope of

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put in water at one time, at the rate of 1 bushel of shelled corn to about

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Complications and Sequelae. — The complications are really parts of

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education — education not only from a literary standpoint, but educa-

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soned essay, which you may see in the " Lancet " for 1846, Dr.

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It would carry us beyond our subject to enlarge further

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puration. Tying the suture too tightly will cause slot

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and the left bone projecting one quarter of an inch.

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Dr. M.'s concluding remarks are too applicable to our own country

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majority merely by some leading feature of the complaint.

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complications. One case became infected w T ith streptococci and

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the New York County Medical Association, having been

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The occasional ill effects, such as the serum sickness, following the injec-

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fluid being removed ; at a second tapping, in July, 14 pints ;

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operation, the surgeon alone can in most cases estimate it.

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colon is especially affected — those of a dysenteric nature —

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spirit and intercourse, highly conservative in his views and intluence, in his

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garden of the world. The fruits deemed most febrile are musk me-

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condition of the abdomen usually manifests the existence of over-

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to personate the "golden age" at the inauguration of Leo X,

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