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solution of ammonia, unknowingly administered, caused death. There was
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trachea ; and there is no doubt that syphilitic thickening of the mucous
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ance of vision, such as is found in so many cases of
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7. Splenomegaly of the Gaucher type is probably either an
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pressure, Dr. Johnson has shewn $ that Dr. Balfour has been
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tetanus are eased when opium is combined with chloral
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has recorded a case which illustrates a curious and interesting peculiarity.
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veloped in the stomach and bowels, the bacteria and their products which
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work gives directions for cooling the water still further,
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and total loss of appetite. The headach became every day
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spores of germs. Whether the water is distilled or ordinary water that
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The relations between the secretion of gastric juice
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faction of blood-clots in the bladder, together with the frequent attacks of retention,
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in the blood of healthy adult males is 141*1 per 1,000 parts, in the
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proportions are practically normal. Lancereaux gives the upper limit of
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membranes, or developing about the intra-cortical blood-vessels.
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offenses, which are criminal or non-criminal, of course,
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Lung. Cases of chronic Cynanche Laryngea ; of Phthisis Laryn-
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isms, if any were present, the examination was con-
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Definition. — A chronic intoxication caused by the habitual ingestino
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condition is more correctly described as maldevelopment of the aflected
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or gouty constitution ; in these cases, as in most others of similar pathology,
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" Lancet London, 1^80, 1, 835, also.Med. Press & Circ, 1883, 289.
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of efficient Medical Schools, we may mention the Canadian
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movable kidney, but the latter could be excluded by the range of

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