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closed, because it is an essential point to be noted that the

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unable to give any explanation of the origin or meaning of this

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elements. The erythrocytes were considerably diminished.

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Stomach and Small Intestines. — General congestion

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Loring thus expresses himself on the subject : "You

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about four weeks. At the end of seven weeks from the date of

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they might be regarded as indications of a primary disease of the bones,

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I may here say, by way of parenthesis, that small and unequal

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discussion on some of the least appropriate cases in Dr. Mar-

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diameter. The gland consists of a tubule, arranged in the form of loops, and

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nor any stethoscopic sign, except a generally diffused sibilant

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mulation of the sick, whatever the nature of their complaints may be.

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symptoms of the disease, but might depend upon previous and

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shall never understand apical tuberculosis until we

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while on vacation, and he did not ai)ply to any one

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seorbutique epidemique " with acute malarial cachexia. In my

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Philippines and will proceed to Fort Crook for duty.

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for the admeasurement of lands in Ireland forfeited by

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the following morning. In speaking of the condition of the

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was distinctly nodular and hard. The gall-bladder was drained. The family

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seems, therefore, most plausible to regard the adema or

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nary plexus, right auricle, superficial cardiac plexus, and

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