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within five months, two at sixth months, one at seven

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by a file, the end of the tube containing the fused residue, which is chloride

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only intestinal tuberculosis, but a previous attack of typhoid could not

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pital fourteen days after the ear began to discharge pus. There was

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sonism may be assured that the subscribers know the

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that the transition periods between rainy and dry weather are the

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urine which Dr. T. has seen taken from the bladder was about a drachm ; but

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has been brought forward for that mode of invasion.

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never sweats. Her mental condition is good, although

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sented themselves to the surgeon : first, the safety of

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bacteria, no cellular elements can pass the renal filter, any such which

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vival of the bacillus in the dry handkerchiefs of the consump-

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favoured by the depressed vitality and uncleanly habits of the

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The paper contains much that students of the statistics of the continued

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Chroni.sche fortsclireitende Augpnrau.skelliihmung und

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forating ulcer of the stomach, usually of the middle

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pulse, elevated temperature, reddened fauces and swollen tonsils

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the spine, often expedites cure in a wonderful way. In the

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twenty-nine were by flaps ; viz., thigh four, leg nine, shoulder-joint

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sepsis, puerperal hemorrhages, and eclampsia were well

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tated, and one or more strips of iodoform gauze are

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time have I felt sleepy, and though at the present time

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were treated with a one-per-cent. solution of osmic acid for

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an increased elimination of uric acid in gouty subjects after the use of atophan,

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ality that are unpleasantly uncomfortable and often pave the way

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medical society, one component society for interns and

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we call to mind that each surviving child with hereditary

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