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sciousness returned, without recollection of anything that

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right, must now suppose that his senses deceived him, and that

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the nervous tremors and that incapacity for sustained mental

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medical man may become guilty of it by sins of commission as well

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complain that their practice is not sufficiently remuner-

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High risk is defined as persons over 65 years of age or

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mon white soup (if it be made of real stock) by the addition of

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Cardiovascular Rare reports of tachycardia, bradycardia, and premature ventricular beats

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root, the fang containing a central can:d like the lumen of a

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Chronic phlegmonous erysipelas in the legs may be painted with it

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frequent cause of violent death. Out of 1766 cases received at the Morgue

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periods the patient is quite free from attacks and she is perfectly

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Dr. HrxTEK McGuire, of Richmond, did not think that Dr.

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free, or mobilized, either to meet physiological requirements or under

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present except stools of altered blood, which are usual.

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people of Hunan are rapidly awakening to the advantages of western j

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urged tKat the power to revoke should be conferred upon our courts

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curve to allow of the blades adapting themselves to the rounded head of the

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. El t6tanos en los traumatismos del ojo y sus anexoa.

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of sand. In colour they are purple, or reddish brown, or greyish, according

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is clotrimazole and betamethasone good for eczema

arH coci<Da6l>1-^oJ<^^l-eoco^^^^040coc•^-Xr-^toaooi"

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by various experiments, in which carbonic acid was produced

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exhaustive manner the lesions of the dysentery asso-

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New Orleans, and the inspection stations below Vicks-

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connection with poisoning caused by sausage made from horse-flesh.

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vision, the removal of the cause of the squint, and the

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Opium in Diseases of the Heart . . . 64 ? University of the Pacific Medical Department 63

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ceedings of this congress will show the interpretation of this term by

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of this case, we find that the patient had some time ago laboured under

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the third day it was decided to terminate pregnancy, and a

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disease of the Fallopian tubes, with complications and

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