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Sir : Recently, in conversation, a professional gentleman of
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when the wound is still bathed in the same kind of discharge ?
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demic is rendered in any sense harmless, and is brought
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same time it may be pressed forward from behind. Auscultation
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pr^nant women 112 mm., and in pr^nancy 118 mm. up to 7 or
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like to have a bottle to keep for use under such conditions. It also
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coccus and streptococcus septicaemia developed. Her percentage value for the
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found necessary, whether or not the parents actively
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affection of the vessels of the nerves which frequent pre-
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Cotlove, E.: Anion measurements in biological materials. Ann. N. Y. Acad.
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General Rodman immediately formulated and presented to the General
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pulseless on admission to hospital. I have always been convinced that
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a bandage reasonably tight, which placed the uterus where it
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to remove from the common duct, a stone of the size,
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Dr. N. A. Hill, president of the state medical society of Wisconsin,
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Amputation of the Middle Finger. — The books describe a racket-shaped
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disease, though it was but the exciting cause, the blast that
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Umbro? Clin, mod., Pisa, 1896, ii, 326. . The life-
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March 9-1 1— Orthopaedic Surgery Conference. Tammaron at Purga-
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meet a patient who exhibits them both, we do not need
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them, but this was all. Among the " run-abouts," how-
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the bleeding, internal version may be performed, followed or not by extraction,
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nett presented the testimonial. Mr. Young, in acknow-
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The functions of the liver seem to he: around the neck of the gall-bladder and
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eighteen years ago, which resulted in the development of a
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■were, of course, due to organisms, but many lesions occurred
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the common therapeutic practice of administering alkalies in
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In reply, Mr. Chamberlain said that he feared that a gigantic

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