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(a) Male, aged 49. Fracture both bones of right leg, May 28th,
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ful. Wislin directs, 10 parts of a calf s stomach, salt 3 parts.
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prejudicial to patients. Chronic caffeism was nearly always-
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the cordial admiration and entire approval of the medical world.
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present time there is a female, aged fifty- 1 been for so many years. On her reiurn to
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stabbed in the back. On again attempting to rise, he
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2. Tincture or wine of opium a teaspoonful, water i pint.
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Frederick Noyes Sperry, M.D. , Demonstrator of Anatomy and Instructor
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The results of an analysis, in the shape of sublimates or precipitates, should
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probable that the kidney of that side only is affected. The probability increases
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been brought about, we can readily see that the support given
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the other hand the petedjhiae, which existed during
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the 'i'2d inst. \o family <>r personal history can l>e ob-
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longer wave length, it follows that the fluorescent medium
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sistent by the application of four discs of zinc. Upon the apjjli-
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them, we are told, " with the comforting assurance that so soon as the different
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My recommendations have not, as yet, been formally presented
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the second case in reality of cholera, occurred in this
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A Manual op- General Pathology. Designed as an Intro-
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Nulacin is comparable in efficacy to the continuous in-
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man, resident physician in 1868, is due the credit of making the
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the needle with the thumb and finger of the left hand,
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has so strenuously and misguidedly advocated in the last
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ilis affects the heart not only by way of its muscular libres.
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the West Indies by Mongin and Bajou during the i8th century. These
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while in tiic week ended 1st March, when the outbreak reached
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The most frequent sufferers are laborers occupied with the dry-

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