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These are diseases which " for the most part are apt to invade differ-

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derate. The two hundredth is much preferred by some, and yet the weak-

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in their first vear, £10 10s. ; to pupils in their second year,

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in it, says — "During the month of December the severe cold so com-

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The most marked improvement announced, as claimed by Pro-

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highly imstalile or^nic mBten&l aubjecled 1^ it. Cnhn figures a Microcou:uB >a>:i;miic lu

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further, I think it would be unfair to the new representative if we did not appoint a Com-

betamethasone nasal spray vtfedit

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cases. Recently Weiss and Garner-^ reported a case of nephritis

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a pipe stem first into it and then into cold water, or by

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tales de Aledecine et de Chiriirgie Dr. Cosma de Ploiesti

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The Rev. Arthur Wilson, M.A., returns the rainfall at the

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{Gaz. degli Osped. e delle Clin., November 20, 1898) draws attention to

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to take a wineglassful (about 3ii- to Siiss.) of this decoction every two

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tient returned home, the eye feclinfr quite easy. She was told that

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work to study the causes or circumstances that lead up to disease

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would naturally consult the local register ; but he also is met

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only alleviate ; they smother, they hide the black spot on the wall like whitewash,

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is not borne before they reach the house. Either there

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on pressure ; r, the black-colored spot renuuns dark even on pressure.

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the Hopital Bichat, in a work recently published by him,

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of venom haemolysis hardly to be distinguished from that caused

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Compression which results from processes of these two sorts must be

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The rupture is either limited to the vagina, or it in-

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schools was not altogether successful, owing largely to the

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very reverse of this, fancying that it was the winking that dilated

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