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The conclusions I venture to submit to you are :—

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The dilatation of the cervix should be done gently and

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is better, because they are subject to less exposure and to

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rates into a thick mass. Pour off the whey and strain

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clearly in view that in both organs there is a double

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and composition is required throughout the course. This will

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but such change arises in two ways — spontaneously

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have been compared with those given for troops in the United States as

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fibility, but in others a degree of it, extending to

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deeply congested and livid, if a cry be uttered, if the fall be forward on

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but have not yet found the way to save a single patient.

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praised the usefulness of this inoculation so hii^hly, afterwards

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as the result of a diet consisting exclusively of salt meats, smoked

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drops (0.07 to 0.13 mil) every hour, but as long as they obtain

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(Extension) Act, was introduced by Dr. J. W. Ballantyne in

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The shoulders, right elbow, wrist, and knee were affected at entrance, all be-

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Physiology of Childhood as Applied to Education." The editorials

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accomplishment of the task. The co-operation of all

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stage of which is represented by the large white kidnej r , and the third

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say, drainage. In the first stage there should be in-

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viii, 18. Also: Rev. dhyg.. Par., 1879, i, 472: 1883, v,

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stitial connective tissues, with a thinning of the myelin

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It was thought that this inflammation would destroy any Leishmania

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and bathroom, but must also include the back yard and surroundings of

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ter of support from Ann J. Haney, Administrator, Di-

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In January, 1893, I removed the tumor of the back. The wound was

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eruption has spread to the backs of the hands and arms, calamine

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instance in the Army in which intimacy of a certain degree arises be-

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asserts his " belief that the particular form of alveolar necrosis here de-

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the limbs ; and finally died, about a fortnigiit after her

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