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some happy accident to tumble on a great discovery ?

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of the cancer institutes. Before discussing the treatment,

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New York Clinical Society (private) ; Philadelphia Clini-

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used by me, and which was presented to you by Dr. Peters

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1881. !»'• L'Examen Plessime'trique * 1 * ■ L'Aotte Ascendants, el de la Crosse A.ortique,

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to it. In those cases in which the lens shows peripheral

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be clearly stated. The certificate must not be based only upon facts

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a grain and watch the result. There is frequently a slight

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chirurgicale. Poitou m6d., Poitiers, 1896, x, 146-148. —

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111 ways possible to remove the cause ; but finequently the original dift*

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caused by lead poisoning. It is not uncommon in painters or work-

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while excellent hams and bacon may be produced without dairy

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Tuberculin (0-05 gramme for large dogs) is in many cases a

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on account of kind and genial ways was enthusiastically admired by his patients,

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ways opposed. It was open to discussion up to a short while ago,

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have come to the conclusion that baldness is perfectly incurable

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Dr. Welch, I think, must have overlooked some cases which Dr. Hewes,

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at work in the physician's head, trying to help him

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asylums. They may conveniently be called cases of adolescent

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accustomed to the use of alcohol. We may repeat with Atwater and

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with sewer or cesspool emanations, with deleterious gases from

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of the brain involving the chiasm and optic nerves. The phe-

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conimon sense of the Lincoln Board that they should thus, by

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takes a complete survey of the bladder. This having been done, he replaces

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of the face or throat until three weeks previously ; and he had

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and extending from the floor to the ridge of the nose. A little experi-

betnovate n for face gbook

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