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willing may gain, the unwilling lose ; for even should the latter gain in

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as a commercial point of view, and we can only wish it every

betnovate gm skin cream dry

Genus 7: Alimomyia: Resembles Uranotcrnia. No flat scutellar

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maintain that air is swallowed during the act, whilst others state

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In his opening address Dr. Bevan, Chairman of the Council on

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believe that it will be found of considerable interest.

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Wallace) the hydriodate of potash, are well known. I con-

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CFR-250.30 to enable the participation of Alabama Medi-

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old "systems" or to denounce their authors, for, how-

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Wm. R. Warner & Co., 113 W. 18th St., New York .... 11

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was an important one and is probably responsible for the small amount

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properties. It had been given to a dog weighing fifteen

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only a small per cent of cases. The current notions of the large percentage

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External. — Acetanilid and antipyrin are antiseptics^

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1896, Wiesb., 1897, xxv, 313.— Kolloek (C, W.) A case

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and rational ; he laid great stress upon dietetic treatment.

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hypertrophy of digitalis such murmurs sometimes disappear; so

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dent; Dr. G. S. Eddy, Fall River, Vice-President; Dr. W. H.

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Wien, 1899, vi, 857-862. — Bernard (C. C.) Epilepsy ; a

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while the doctor bowed, without again removing his long pipe.

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in the family of our president Linnaeus, having been attacked with dysen-

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were no evidences of any old tuberculous process. Al-

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withdrawal is not susceptible of a routine answer, but must be

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iished by official supervision and a good system of inspection. IIow-

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wHch are necessary to the production of this appearance, and it is probable

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