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quently very tortuous. If operation is decided upon, the surgical indica-

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Creator. Yet the residue, by unsparing economy, continued to

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fectual, it must be given to the extent of an ounce of the pow-

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stupes wrung out of boiling water, sprinkled with laudanum, over

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present, as the latter is almost invariably caused by intestinal

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people, needs constant agitation until the people are induced to

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is very rare, occurring in cancer cases in the proportion of about six

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characteristics of softness, flabbiness, size, and ductility, as

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toxicity of the several beverages depends upon the amount of the con-

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informed about poisonous fungi or who are in position

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rable small orifices, into the lungs, which were adherent. In the

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to the abdomen, along the course of the colon, are also fre-

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est to his hi^est aim, in the influences of civilization we

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accompanied the report, was lost, so that I am necessarily confined to a

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For twelve days the weakness and abdominal distress continued,

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tents of the stomach, by means of the stomach-pump, whenever there is evi-

betnovate c skin cream bfc

The following letter from Dr. Henry E. Stiles will be of in-

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ment of sensibility on the paralyzed side of the body is variable, there being

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several independent treatises have been written upon head-

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2. There is a second cause of renal hyperaemia, which is closely

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in the next world there shall be a similar gradation

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It is best to seize all vessels before using ligaturea

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region : Potassium chlorid, sodium chlorid, strontium

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losis, and fourth, th'ose caused by saprogenic organisms. In

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recommend emetics in active haemorrhage. We have never tried

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to the opinions of other men, or are the foolish corrupters of good

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tions. There is not one of the group enumerated in the beginning

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Murchison cites several striking outbreaks of tj'phoid fever in locrii-

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seen, corresponding to the original position of the serous

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poison is not identified. He aptly cites as a prece-

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Stephens, H. E. '^. Immediate surgery in fighting ships.^ Jour. Roy. Xav.

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blood to carry the oxygen to the tissues. The positive

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