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a providential arrangement for the preservation of life and health. The

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are found very red, but not swollen in any part. The

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shown experimentally to play an important role in the

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with the doctor on that point. I believe if we were to take the stand that

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In exemplification of this, the following facts are worthy of record : —

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amenable to treatment by hromids, which relieve them at any

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the right, "laboratory A," a large room 30x32 feet,

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met with in the dog ; generally, however, an erythematous erup-

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a retrograde direction, and if they proceed far will very readily explain

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black. There was considerable irritation of the general sys-

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Mademoiselle Emma Chenu passed a brilliant examina-

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storoui litsa. [Gunshot wound of tlie right side of tbe

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and despondency of mind. But we may by timely diligence by

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siasts, and has to report no evil influences on heart, kidney, nor other

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next year and will permit the institution to pay off an

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»W/f c ifiS/^s^j, -A- * J. / /i^^ftf^t^v, hse-t- i r r-C $s A *t —

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ing of having malaria, and if they can do things of that kind there

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luematoxylin (overstaining). All of these color the con-

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with regard to compound drugs, displays clearly the relative pro-

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fingers, and infiltrating between the metacarpal bones so

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Address replies to Mis. Rosella Nugent, R. N., Super-

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criticised the manner in which this or that been thrown open; the battle call has been

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none having on record a previous positive tuberculin skin

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Scotland ; David G. Kennedy, Ireland ; George Ronald, Scot-

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into the adjacent tissue through the walls of the blood-vessels.

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must be remembered that the personnel of doctors in these areas has

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this was largely due to degeneration brought about by

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