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a variety of remedies ; at one time drastic purgatives, and at another the strongest

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this plan are shown in the following notes of all cases

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In intestinal stenosis but a short way above the anus the fecal masses

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Friday I removed these and discovered the existence of a large tumour in

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on the adhesions, and she will complain of a dull throbbing pain.

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retractors. A transverse incision was made through the periosteum, lyi inches above

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o-reat potency in curing constipation. It stimulates the liver to a

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the oedema of the legs is due to direct ])ressure of the ascites

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have unduly frightened her, are fitly capped by the final

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kidneys, together with colic pains, and there may be j)yrexia and general

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ing the distribution of cases of cancer, which he showed were

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within how small an area all these centres are practi-

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Distinguished Service OrcZe?'— Captain (acting Major) T. I.

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and multiply. The author thinks that the bronchial glands

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In 1870 the Travelers Insurance Company, then in its infancy,

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or nucleus lenticularis, without the manifestation of any symptoms of

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tion at 3 feet. T.F. at 1 foot. The otorrhcea still continued.

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* Prevost and David, Arch, de Physiol., 1874, p. 595. This case is as conclusive as

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have what seems aa unfortunate dislike of fats. With very few

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Heanng and vision diminished. Hen's egg tumor start-

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have been able to do this has been by means of weak

betamethasone tablets oechsle

der the sanction, and particular patronage of Dr. Sam-

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* Read liefore the Section of Laryngology, International Medical

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whom the disease 'spreads go bare-footed and usually

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Xo one believes now-a-days, we suppose, that vaccination is a

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globinuria were among those that were cured. Injurious associated

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its numerous connections with other parts of the nervous system.

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