Betnovate N Cream Substitute

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enough medical societies and sections to keep one evening,
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the turbidity varying according to the amount of fatty mole-
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London, August 15, lsC.5. JOHN ROBINSON, M.D., and M.R.C.S.L.
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4. Multiple Ulcers of the Vulva and Vagina in Typhoid
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treated for months, perhaps years, with the best therapeu-
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deglutition. He now left the house ; the disease in the joint had made considerable
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placed under my care, and with them this paper will
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have been published in these cases and their significance has not been
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Dr. Levy of New York said Dr. Deaver's results were
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salts, the glycocholate and taurocholate of soda, which are manufactured
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facts: There is a sli^'bt in;;-uiiial iiikI cervical adenopathy^
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4. Varnier : De I'emploi du ballon de thampetier dc Ribes
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" The next meeting being special for the consideration of
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strangulation of conjunctival vessels is called r/i^wc«V,
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rupture is apt to be followed by the profuse escape of blood into the
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brospinal axis, while the fibres which transmit sensory impulses have
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and this is the more remarkable when we consider, (3.) that the sister
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Symptoms. — These include disturbances of digestion, loss
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^een to be of a uniform pallid appearance, practically no tinge
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Dr. Manson,' who remarks, " that further investigation of the healthy
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This, however, was not very successful. The flatulence
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from tabular statistics, because that many of the amputations
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serous membranes have, on the other hand, been very
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I ready beyond attack, and three months later the patient
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the mouths of three-year-old children. In these cases
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Hughes: In that light, do you remember any static--I'd say

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