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First cut the podoph llin in the sweet spirits of niter, then
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have been recorded of cutaneous horns becoming cancerous at their base.
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Ames, R. P. M., Assistant Surgeon. — Granted leave of absence
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it should be carried to incipient intoxication if possible. In
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Medicine. There is also another report on midwifery, and I
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he has cast a series of typical moulds in which he can construct
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to clots as large as a hen's egg. In some cases the pressure of
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buildings one often cannot trace the origin of enteric fever to sewage emana-
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supra-clavicular cicatrix. Hallucination regarding position of fingers con-
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sued. The newspapers of the period contained notices of his ex-
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plication of titles by the Colleges only added to the confusion.
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From experimental data the identity of the absorbing
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one in 500, which is just about half as frequent as face
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anteriorly, that it was impossible to distinguish, much less to separate
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tetanus are eased when opium is combined with chloral
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Among all the inoculation experiments which have been made, we
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make their complaints to him as a child would to its parents. He bears
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and those not of a pronounced nervous type, will do best at a
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less extrinsic to the Profession. Many of these have
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The procurement and maintenance of adequate supplies of inhalation therapy
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For this case I am indebted to my friend. Dr. M. C.
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may be few in number, and they may cause the death of the
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1891 Mackenzie, Hector W. G., M.A., M.I)., 59, Welbeck Street, W.
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skin, sometimes spreading to the deeper tissues and causing
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great impetus which was about that time given to the
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which have two each, a surgeon and assistant-surgeon. The men have
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