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gastritis, from which she died in twenty-four hours. The hus-
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As he did not pass any water, a catheter was introduced in the
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the peritoneal cavity and both pleural cavities. The suffering for days,
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through the Fallopian tubes, and further refers them, in some
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The case described by Dr. Bronson affected a patient
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R6s., pp. cxiv-cxvi.] Finska lak.-sallsk. Ii:indl., Helsing-
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tested and independently investigated by the author, iUustrated
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Dr. J. M. Taylor reported a series of unusual cases : 1.
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tissue formation, cystic dilatation of the tubules and sarcoma-
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out, but more especially in the Section devoted to Diseases of the
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HCl, which was first described by F. A. Hoflman in 1889. The
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accommodation. After considerable difficulty in procuring
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and inconsistent duties. Their appointment should in every case be
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Oysters, Roasted. — Place one dozen fresh oysters in the shell in
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worms, and to enlarged tonsils or adenoids. The present statistics
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ceedings of this congress will show the interpretation of this term by
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a law giving proper compensation to medical experts
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periods had already suffered from a jyrevious attack of measles.
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the latter may be due to the gradual instead of the sudden
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believes lliat Dr. Barnes affirmed that the conformation of the
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ment. It has been found that the use of radium pro-
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upon as the veritable sarcoptes or acarus equi, does not live,
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the ventricular contraction is expressed by the force
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prehensive title of dermatitis gangrenosa, which Croker
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in abnormal conditions of the skin, etc. Some of the
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This is accomplished by a spray of some disinfecting fluid
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Richet, who termed it varicocele ovarien. It seems to us, how-
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The author remarks that, having met with this condition

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