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August 5th. According to the evidence of her husband,
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of the thickened periosteum being already separated from the
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be attended with serious results. When the disease is complicated with Malarial
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The fourth degree, below 2 in., „ of Gesarian section.
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or general ; and secondly, the Heedlessness of immobilization or of
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but really a large number of patients have to pass from private care to
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first appearance I feared that the brachial plexus of nerves had
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physicians, Blue Shield will constantly strive to improve
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Lcip/,., 189(1, XX, 2:17.— .IlicroplilaluitiK. .Acrztl. Bcr.
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myrrh. Complete rest on a dry floor and clean litter
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not taken to determine the quantity of watery vapor contained
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has been received by the organs of the profession in this country and in Europe, and by the fact that
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serous membranes have, on the other hand, been very
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clusion that the quinine caused the impairment of hearing from which
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the cause, have been established by the World Health
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Decomposed by sulphuric acid into glucose and strophan-
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tion of its justness, the ancient observation respecting pneumonia,
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ful up to a tablespoonful in cases of gregarinous enteritis (Ziirn).
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even in apparently strong diabetics, and those with-
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Weld, George Henry, 2, Clarendon-villas , Plumstead.
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foetal membranes, and not in tlie decidual glandular tissue. A fresh classifica-
betnovate cream is used for
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and in many cases in which the infection is regarded as local in the
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SpRAiJUE, E. K., Assistant Surgeon. Eelieved from temporary
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larial fever, so called by Texas iihysicians. Texas Cour.-
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1 7 1 7 W. Broadway— P.O. Box 81 90— Madison, Wl 53708-8190
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preparation and the averages of the counts so obtained are shown
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the seven communications sent in on Monday, March 8, within three

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