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thought she would probably lose the eye. A mouth or six weeks after-

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medical organisation to look after the special interests of the

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clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream hw to used for psoriasis

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he should not feel that relief of his patient was his

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that which changes the location of the ligamentum patell» by either

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but this arrangement is lost when this proglottis drops off, and then the tubes

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According to Ricketts, the microorganisms obtained from various

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the dangerous effects of bleeding in pneumonia were

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sacral plexus. In these cases there may also be some loss of power in the

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has become an important method of distinguishing between the lym-

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The Diseases of Personality. By Th. Ribot, Professor of Com-

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during inflammation that the ramifications of the nerves appear

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and I guess he would have accepted such an answer as the true one. But

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your injection until dilatation is well advanced. The best time

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26. McLean : Qinical Determination of Renal Function by an Index of Urea

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Dr. Stokes, Dr. Alexander Wood, and Dr. Bennett, in their

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rays we find that the changes involve not only the cancer cells

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Wright and Commissioner Frankel to discuss the proto-

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from the most nutritious and digestible parts of the

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or is opened by the surgeon, and gives exit to a mixtiu-e of blood and pus,

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thirty pounds under his usual weight at then, stomach lavage, urotropin and di-

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and that the same serum also possesses curative properties in experimental

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subperiosteally, the cartilaginous portion of the trochanter major was left connected with

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being swelled rapidly by the addition thereto of medical students of the

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sugar. Recovery took place in a fortnight, under the influence of meat diet and

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mixture and when ready for use make a paste with sufficient

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into the pleiuu.) If, on the other hand, we have had opportunity to

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tention of bile, as from calculi, tumors, gastro-duodenitis, etc, nor that

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the cumulative effect of the materia medicas, which he thought

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the Training School for Nurses. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore,

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Neuro-Ophthalmology” and “Nonsurgical Treatment

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