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does not ascend to the purulent. What nature does, art may

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1. The time has arrived when it must be deemed expedient to enact

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well-marked forms of the disease — a mild form, amen-

betamethasone 0.1 ointment poison ivy

FuVum l^nion. —Thomas Godrich, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.E., LS.A , to the

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be 10,000 units, the dosage again increasing as the case is seen

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mania, 9 ; apoplexy, 1 ; softening of brain, 1 ; exhaustion of chronic mania, 4 ;

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may have supervened. Here all the stethoscopic phenomena

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goods;" an oculist as "one who pretends to cure eye

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succeeded in finding a means of correcting this by using the

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order to effect the latter purpose, he mechanically irritates it, knowing

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college, the completion of an internship in an approved hospital as a

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The n^solutions condemnatory of the action of the trustees of the

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Goldflnger, D. and Schmidt, P.J.: Residency training in blood

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Smallpox in Chicago. — Smallpox is on the decline in Chicago; 177 cases have

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sient attacks of increased cardiac asthenia in persons improperly nourished,

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century to close to 85-fold in the second 40 years. 23

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from him in cross-examination. It is the hesitating to assign a Batirtctory

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quired cholera, proved nothing definite except that such per-

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There was dysentery of the Shiga type in Belgium in 1917, but in 1918

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has been introduced. Everything relating to the individual

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thorities to show that the body factor or condition

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was called the navel of the earth."* Plato refers to

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size of the aneurism and its unusual situation are also

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erally granulations with an amount of connective tissue varying

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Miiiichen, 1884, xv, 167. . Zur Anthropolngie Klein-

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Leonella, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. F. Egan, in the

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where there is little or no lack of compensation, but where

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