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In fact an extensive epidemic of arsenical neuritis, or, to be more exact, a neuritis
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Dr. AhvilhSmitii: Before the Council proceeds to the
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Stephen has declared from the bench that the practice is
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nected with its use in the single lense form at this time.
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resort to this therapeutic procedure in nearly all illnesses.
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lack of blood that the brain ceases to act. It is doubt-
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nected with the pathology of the puerperal state ; the physiology and pathology
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safeguard against errors. Patients and those who care
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week has been assigned as its latest limit (observation of Fiirbringer).
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spond to treatment by a--ray or benzol, and in some in-
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I believe to be impossible. "^The gastric contents are
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wear lumps of fat meat ornamentally in the cartilage of the
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hotel berth, merely to get transient patients and avoid
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uterine apparatus with the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, and
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Packard, of Philadelphia, suggests the possible frequency of
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Health Commissioner, and Dr. \. G. Root, who repre-
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a few practitioners, in any given community, consent to this
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distinguished by the fact that it is only slowly soluble in sodium hypochlorite. If
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It were to be wished that there were tables kept of the proportion
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crease in the secretion ; it may be secreted in undue quantity, or it may have
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■ n-pit,il with ilic^i' niinnr .liliurnt--, uiiK--- tlu-\ h,i\i- .id\.mi.t'd tn a
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only true and ever present God, whom, others, blinded by their so
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sociirieu Seiten- uud den accominodativen Convergenzbe-
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cation, sufficient time has not elapsed since trypanosomiasis was
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diet may furnish too much urea, cause constipation, and
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me to return you my thanks for your kind indulgence, and
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the sulphates of the cerium salts seem to give some support to the
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Belladonna as a Palliative in HiEMOPTTsis. By Dr Schrodibb.

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