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the heart, rarely amounting to actual pain. The attempt to lie on the left

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facts; it is therefore quite useless for us to prolong a discussion

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Cidex. The larvae of the CidicidcE, except the AnophelincE, have a long

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alcohol use is associated with recurrent brain injuries.

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tubes the epithelium is changed, especially in the tubes of

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author's text, but have paid a tribute of praise to

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as early as possible you will prevent your patient from becoming

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trition of the foetus, the walls of the uterine ovum

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hmb at the coxo-femoral articulation may be properly

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Africa, clearly suffering from chronic malaria, assures you that he

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the 3rd Belgian Lancers, garrisoned at Mons. Between sixty

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expedient the germs of parasitic animals and of diseases, as con-

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deals most simply and clearly with the physiological problems

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mation to that obtained by a macroscopic inspection of the fluid. The presence

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affection of the vessels of the nerves which frequent pre-

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pups. The conditions were reversed the following year, and females were

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physicians who were addicted to the use of alcohol or

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in that venous retttrn is not as extensively impeded and

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and there is no doubt that public opinion will force the old school to

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various sides, but it is also the experience that this prejudice gradu-

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^Includes patients of all ages and 9 patients of unknown ages.

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using a feather or camePs hair pencil on the inside. Fresh lard^ goosr

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2 Unders6gelser om Lungehiberkulosens Hyppighed og Helbredelighed, 1896. Bugge

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compass the aorta and its great branches, and enter into the in-

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In the earlier stages, the symptoms are acceleration of the

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something more reliable, something that would bring this

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It is desirable that he should be given a rest before he reaches this stage,

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siasts, and has to report no evil influences on heart, kidney, nor other

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this is generally best done after Stacke's original method,

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