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causes of puerperal or septic fever, and of devising means of
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the cases which ha\-e been related. It has been shown that in
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considerable quantity of a yellowish concrete oil, which,
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body. This allergy is closely akin to immunity and is by many writers
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the extract manufactured by the San Antonio Company, Tex-
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the contrary, we may infer that the immunity was produced
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duced ? In reply, I remarked, that "with regard to the colourless corpuscles of the
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whelming sepsis accompanied by disseminated intravascular
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been adopted. In future the work will be carried on in four
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the eyes of his assistant. The latter continued for some moments to attend to his
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lymphomatous tumours of the mediastinum. But it is certain that many of
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1948. Bookhammer, Robert S., 209 Rittenhouse Claridge (3)
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should be made about a half inch thick. It is lifted off, dried in the
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has seen to the general condition of his burnt patients,
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highly palatable. Without its use it is difficult to imagine how the
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due most probably to rupture into the lateral ventricle. Had the oper-
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Patrick's Cathedral. After the ceremony breakfast was served at
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thus taught the young gentlemen who had belonged to the private medical
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tributable to the injui-y. He could not say that that
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tension is always low. It is usually supposed that there is no oxygen
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accomplishing it. They are parts of its living pathology.
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Turkish wafers came to be introduced to Americans."
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names of the individuals, one being a very well-known name,
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serum e.xhibited a slight hemagglutination. None of the exhausted sera aggluti-
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