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the picture so as to bring the rate of motion of the

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was found effused on the surface of the brain. (' Lancet,' Nov. 1840.) This

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they mask the true lieiglit of the fever. Ft is much wiser to

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did not attach much importance to the combination. A

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his Atlas to students, and especially to country practitioners, as affording them

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carpo- metacarpal joint of the thumb. Any motion in the wrist-joint

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Biological Signijicance of the Crescents and of the Bodies Derived

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character diametrically opposite, the evil habits of the

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exarata. It is dedicated to Henry VIII., and contains the Vesalian

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several attacks of orothapna?a whilst in the hospital,

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during the day. lie was seen again on various occasions, and there

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been invented, it does not compare with Valsalva's method. Gauze would not

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health has always been good. She is the mother of three healthy

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enough sodium hydroxid to give a neutral reaction with litmus.

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became necessary to hasten in order to get out of the way of carriages, he

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Fortunately the latter condition is rare, as it is extremely

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v/ith streptococcus and other pus cocci may occur. Many believe that

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revealed bilateral internal carotid arterial dissections that

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advises rest in bed with gymnastic exercises. Fromme

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some disease which had caused great wasting, and had left a protuber-

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(Gegen die Kolpokleisis.) Tagebl. d. Versamml. deutsch.

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candidate nor received from any source explanations or other aid in

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polluted stream flowed, some months prior ; they had continued

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hyoid spaces is duly treated of. Deafness, consequent upon chronic

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cases under care and treatment at the Colony for Epileptics,

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Angus second only to Shorthorns. The breed is well adapted to the

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