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in the supply base with the Med. Evac. helicopter so I could go out if any

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rend. Soc. de biol., Par., 1887, 8. s., iv, 598-600.— Fischer.

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subsidence of the fever, and after the amount of fluid has stopped in-

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time-honored iodic injection for the cure of this disease.

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production, increase the chances of its invasion, and enhance its vio-

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simultaneously during the same hypnotic state. So, in a few

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Helenol. — Helenol is one of the active principles

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filed duplicate certificates signed by a majority of said examin-

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blood smears for the purpose of establishing a parasitic index.

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honor the physician for the need they have of him. There

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protoplasm granular or vacuolated, whilst in the white

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H— C— 0— H H— C— 0— H H— C— 0— H H— C— 0— H

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I enjoyed reading the letter in the April issue describ-

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-hell dres^in>; .md the toot lived ,it .1 rij.'ht an^'le by mean- of a

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Naturally, the first tone is relatively weak because it is produced by a

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in applying the Esmarch, is an occasional pressure paralysis or

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Tnldon :— For residents of Colorado, $3A 00 ; for

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the disorganized sanitary forces of the United States,

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had been used in suturing a cut in the Avrist. So he thought

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waste, waste necessitates renewal ; and so, within certain

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Mr. John Halliday one on "The unregenerate and the degenerate

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ment should be manifested in so short a time. Out of a series of eleven

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minds of medical men generally, favoring, as it does, the

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bond in the adjacent loop of intestine, the wall of the gut boinp

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So much has been already said about jaundice as an indication

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bility of the patient's losiiig his life by the loss of a great amount of

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reaction, Turro points out the fact that this is due in great part to its content

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doing well. Her labor was a very tedious one, lasting

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