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attributable to the comfort afforded the patient more than

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see the lack of cordiality and sympathy among physicians. It

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It is caused by a germ present in the discharges from the nose and

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for presbyopia and hyperopia combined reads No. 10 Jaeger 16". The

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right iliac region, extending upward toward the liver ;

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unusually short interval, while a severe seizure often ensures a long period

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From anatomical considerations, some hesitation has gener-

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The regular use of Stanolind Liquid Paraffin in the later months

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Looking over these differential points, we must confess that

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“ Southern Isles, the Hebrides, St. Michaels mass fell

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to use one side preferentially to tlie other — such as parrots.

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gave, chlor. hyd. ; morph. sulph. This gave relief,

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tive forces of the physical organism, and cinchona bark stopped

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perhaps in certain cases merely as tlie result of great stimu-

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The results here recorded are consistent with the observations of

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dealt with by lectures and practical demonstrations of such unscientific

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Miss G. entered the Troy hospital, June 8, 1897, but, as she was

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tuberculous infiltration of both lungs, chiefly at the

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and subsequently published separately. Many served to illustrate the

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this way. The absorptive powers of the peritoneum also militate against

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9. Sol. hydrarg. chloridi corros. (1:1000 or 1:300).

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cases, especially after carrying bed pans, changing

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meet a patient who exhibits them both, we do not need

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tar the most part resembling the figure 8, which, like the yeast plant in

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is slow ; it is a slowly i)rogressing disease, covering a

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