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ing examples agree with trypsin in acting in an alkaline medium.
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First-Lieut. William F. Lewis, assistant surgeon (recently
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account for the excessive mortalities among these classes. ^
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a specific contagion. In this there is not, indeed, an}i:hing to be wondered
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Physiology of Childhood as Applied to Education." The editorials
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f>f;t,wc';n o;fpOHurc ;),n'l the upfjCJiranco of the ra^h, 'i. c. the Irjcnhatiori period
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after prolonged rest in bed, which frees them entirely from all risk
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Hamb.u Leipz., 1897, v,pt.2,241-251 . Also : Mitt. a. d. Hamb.
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sulci and furrows on the surface of the brain, along the fissure of Sylvius,
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ing on the subject of general pathology, I described two distinct
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it passes through an o])ening in the bone, is also supported by the fact
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upon the deceased. In this we have one more example of the
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Race. It is interesting that all but 3 of the 117 cases were of the white
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The next annual meeting of the North Carolina Medical Society will be held on
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at great distances apart, the risks of transporting these large tumors, when full,
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The Professor of Anatomy now holds a chair in three distinct Medical
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rice and country rice. Burma, or Rangoon rice, the so-called
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distinct interval from it. And this is natural, since in any
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more durable than the splendid temple erected by his eldest
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free from fever — provided there exist no serious coTnplioation — in
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His conduct at that time is important not only because
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one evening, at some very ' promising town' or other, and which bade fair,
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case it seems clear that the neuralgia, the facial paralysis, the
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cases in L' Osservato?'e, February, 1874. The flrst was a woman
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Newell, H. A., Henderson (Hon.); P.&S., Bait, 1906 1906
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guage (he asserts), whether general or particular, are found
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mometer stood highest in the air, next highest in the upper strata of the
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this is due to the difference in the digestibility of the

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