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plaee in a few days or weeks. Coma persisting longer than two daj'R, Ugh
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matter we postponed for a year, and it includes the matter just pre-
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Tirhen the nucleus caudatus ; 13 times in 26, when the optic thalamus ;
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strual history of the patient may have been. Abnormal
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remarkable about skull-cap, vessels of pia mater on surface of
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standing, and which subsided nine or ten hours after the
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it may occur. His contention is that actual disease of this
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incomplete. Yet if this be enough to constitute hypertrophy,
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Revised and Largely Re-written. Illustrated with 105 Engravings
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mal condition, of unusual resistance, swollen, misshapen, rugged anti
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matter, and that these ashes contain no traces of iron. This
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below those of March, they were above it, / ordinary epidemics which prevail among us.
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symptoms and no fibrillary twitchings. All these things
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perature varied from 100-2° to 103° F. in the morning, and
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before its use is likely to be carried to any extent. To determine
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after-symptoms are not especially troublesome. Headache may
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week has been assigned as its latest limit (observation of Fiirbringer).
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tity at a time. Once he says he brought up a gallon.
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some non-cntting instrument. I had some difficulty in accomplisliing the
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of it to the action of the blow-pipe, before which it first black-
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On October 28th, after holding it three hours, it was
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intermitted for a short period of time (from one to two minutes), a strong
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I'he left hand was now passed into the abdominal cavity, and the
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of the vaccinated, which he kindly placed in my hands
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considerable size in these regions, which had resisted
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kidneys have a characteristic deep-red and opaque appear-
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hour of hard work on my hands. At the end of that time I got a plug
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his entire satisfaction the applicability of the technique
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the capacity of the red corpuscles for transplantation

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