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her friends that she might undergo an amputation. When first examined,

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insurer as an important partner in their future. And

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gers and toes were in the same condition as now. Bruit with systole

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December 20, 1846. "A letter from Dr. William T. G.

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several hours afterward, asking continually where he was, what

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from books nor from lectures. Every hernia had certain

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salts is entirely different from that of uric acid. The antacid treatment

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disease is right, tells me in a letter, "The third attack was brought on by a

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head showed the evidence of fluid in the tympanum (Fig. 4) and a

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internal membrane may well account for all the phenomena. Nay, it

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could have been improved upon. One thing in connection with the

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destruction some of the adjacent tubes. In such cases the colon

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of such ca&es there has been as a rule little to

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can say to increase the enthusiasm and good-will that exists here today,

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Hospital. He had pernicious anemia, no gastric symp-

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evidence that he possesses his senses, I reply that movements like

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for and its administration watched \vith the deepest inter-

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of the heart; second, the density and resistance of the

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$75,000 is needed to complete and furnish the building.

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atrophic process. Nearly every operator of experience develops his own

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for a month. Little, if any, improvement had occurred.

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of onset of the disease, of whom fifty-six had the initial attack before

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have been reported of erythematous eruptions occurring

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which also is accompanied with a definite syndrome that follows

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fever of Great Britain, which, under the names of maculated typhus, ship, camp

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famous men, who are nearly all willing to do post-graduate

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doctrine of "forced feeding." It was maintained that the term

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potash, and that carbonate of ammonia, taken in very large quantities, did not

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Throughout 1865, Florence seems to have entirely escaped ; a few

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