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with sub-acute endocarditis with excellent results. Edward B.
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rigidity of the abdominal wall became evident over the appen-
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dangers for the patient, as acute exacerbations, epididymitis, gonorrheal
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as much haemoglobin as animals on a normal diet. The addition of
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generally project toward the auricle ; when on the aortic valve, toward the
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and navy with a proper stock of firm feelings, so as not to faint
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glass flask with its neck prolonged by means of a glass tube, the
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Cystic Distension of the Lachrymal Sac ; Operation on Nasal
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later reports from the patients, or from their physicians, he learned that
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centa, which was chiefly in the vagina, but causing
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may be noticed in the crease which separates the nates
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sodium chlorid with a rise in temperature. He showed that this action
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lin, in conclusion, puts two questions which further clinical and patholog-
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strong, and new impressions exercise, in suspending.a disease, or in dis-
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phenomena which have been described are repeated during every
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guish them from the rdles produced in the lesser bronchi
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red corpuscles ; in fatty and granular infiltration of the walls of the
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disease as observed in Texas, and refers to the fact (quoted by Stiles)
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are: 1. Tore-establish the functions of the skin ; 2. Tocombat
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the side where the trochanter is highest above ISTelaton. I saw
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were treated with a one-per-cent. solution of osmic acid for
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the subject of car ventilation, and with it submitted the results of several
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were eighteen with negative globulin. In the other, in
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During the extreme cold stage of chol^a,,:^edieinal agent;? are in
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pectoris, c. Motor : Paralyses, Von Graefe's symptom, impossibility
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" the influence which modifies all ordinary mechani-
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foramina. The tongue was sore and tender at all times.
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tion of the cervix is a rather fatal complication. The
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for the reUef of gastro-intestinal symptoms in the beginning of fever,
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leaning shghtly to one side/'' while her master, who afterwards re-
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a consultation, and Dr. Denham agreed with me that the induction of

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