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ries, and even of such, very few deserve serious attention, being, for the
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little information about nitrous oxide, but whether this is attributable to any
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all county institutions that the law should be so amended
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applied laterally, and two long narrow wooden splints are used,
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unusual peculiarity warrants one in broaching the subject. It is the
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tance of the position of the liver, and as a result attempts have been
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force of inheritance in respect of longevity and what part is played
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along a comparatively new line in the study of tuber-
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threaten a grave epidemic of smallpox. Can you help in the preven-
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Transcription was not at all possible. There were at times visual hallucina-
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ulcers Avliich had perforated were situated sixteen inches above
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patient, that he ordered a chafing dish of red hot embers, in which he had
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another case where they were enlarged is marked " doubt-
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certain cases the mere evacuation of the aqueous humour were not found sufii-
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brought to Dublin he was in vigorous health, and continued so
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thus frequently overlooked, and hence the opportunity was
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ordinary hypertrophic rhinitis appears pale in com-
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Again, D., drooping with the disease, went from North Tawton
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is also altered. At the beginning of the process the circulation
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but on the whole are diminished. Exhaustion and emaciation do
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of asthma is the transmitted immaterial force which
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molimeii is manifest, two or three leeches to the neck of the womb will be of
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communicated will at once be referred to the proper source, by one
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Montgomery, and Hirst, of Philadelphia ; Williams and
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county sending one delegate for every five of its mem-
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demic is rendered in any sense harmless, and is brought
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ter is equally confined to the appropriation of those newly

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