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1891 Mackenzie, Hector W. G., M.A., M.I)., 59, Welbeck Street, W.
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to the descending aorta on the distal side of the con-
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cerebrum, and probably cerebellum, dwindle and vanish with
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tiie Sanitary Bureau of tiie Health Department for the Ibllow-
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probably indicates that the former important nerve is
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strong acid. This condition was, however, by no means
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shaped (See Figs. 1 and 2). It is flattened on both its anterior
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section 686, act of 1897. The practice in these two counties not only
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of the heart occasions, and what variations must arise, according as
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experimental work with his early and imperfect instruments, and I have
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trols and fed cooked meat, milk, and scraps from the table. The
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To the mother now comes the debate be- ^^^^ ^^^^ °^^ ^P'^ bespattered sidewalks, or
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The Influence of the Different Frequencies of the Spec-
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character in ordinary cases. It must be taken in sub-
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per cent., thus showing a greater unwillingness on the
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ment than are cases of acquired corpulency. Amelioration under treatment
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t Scientific Memoirs, Government of India, No. 34, p. 36.
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the very lap of science, and with a taste for its attain-
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metabolism; the waste products are excreted. If these wastes are re-
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ration of these materials; truly a most important func-
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found in one case only, that of a woman forty-seven
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The first was " V," aged 40, a telegraphist who complained especially of a
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It would afford them a very good method of cultivating a spirit of
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entirely occupied with growth and with the development of mind and body
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to exist among professional men ; clergymen, lawyers, and
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tion, and its harshness, loudness, and pitch, will depend upon the

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