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tual action of the bowels. A minute dose of strychnia or nux vomica,

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royale de M6d. de Belgique, Bruxelles, x868, 3d series, ii., 593-647.

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It was noticed that whenever the wounds were curetted, the total number

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itus Professor of Dermatology in the Philadeli)hia Polyclinic,

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ing discharged cases of this type, is the following:

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Carminzym is put up in bottles without lettering and containing no circular.

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sodium chlorid with a rise in temperature. He showed that this action

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Mr. John Croft contributes an interesting paper upon the Treatment

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more of the other members had diphtheria, were exam-

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which manifests itself by a tremor, usually passive in char-

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terminal stage of polyuria was reached, where the kid-

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As regards the mode of production of the attacks, I have thought of sev-

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and in the event of her inability to produce such paper

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Epidemia d' ileotifo in Taverna; cura quasi esclusivamente

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culosis Worlc at Saranac Lake." The following gentlemen

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TABLE 5. — Relation op Condition at the Time op Puncture to Findings

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They travel in straight lines, they are shot off with tremen-

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a small gland in its appearance, but it is very soft, and parti-

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ation, and in some cases seemed to disappear. He concludes,

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— " amaurosis !" one of the most certainly fatal of all diseases.

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the economy. This last occurs in those instances of extreme

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sionally partaKcn from the same source ; and (3) that out of 142 families,

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absolutely cured. There was no pulsation, and during tluree months he

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500. Portion of the root of a hail plucked from a crust of chronic eczema

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your committee that the teacher who oan put direct, thought provoking,

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