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certainly did not get Aveaker or more frequent, and the tongue

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exercises, supermassage and conscious control of vari-

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action, and chiefly to that of the Bacterium coli. There is every reason

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in the best possible manner through state-of-the-art

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of the peculiar position of the hair on the beard, just as we see

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preexisting arthritis have been reported. Reversible

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Blood. — There is a leukocytosis beginning during the period of incuba-

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and disappearance of the Nissl bodies, together with a swollen and

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mum virulence for that species, but not by any means

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or adducted. The spasms in the muscles of the lower limbs may result

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^HIASST. — ^There are only twenty observations on record of

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and our medical colleges abreast with the times have added insanity to their

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three series of experiments, was followed by elimination of only

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length of life; when tested by other means, such as measuring

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been the individual who introduced and carried through Par-

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medical guidance, we should not have to deplore the loss of so many

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work is superb and the plates magnificent, would be

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a young nobleman a large tumor, which, from its size, shape,

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evaporation. Let the decoction settle, and di'aw off the

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April 19, 1897, a paper on " Urethroscopic Photographs," by Dr.

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of articulati'in through inability toutter the right words, up to, aslthink,

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but do occur, particularly in the young. Painful sensitiveness

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School. Courses for the Degree of Doctor of Public Health.

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larger number of cases of specific vaginitis in the dispensary

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granules which are distributed throughout the protoplasm of the organism.

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round ligament is exposed and clamped ; then finally a clamp is applied

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