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the causes, symptoms, and lesions of cholera, it is evident that only one

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abscesses, things of that kind, those operations called

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and his attendants, when they press upon him, that in such

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Anatomical Cabinet, and' several ante-rooms. The story below,

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brane and also a determining factor in the estimation

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and chiasm, and choking the nerve at its entrance into

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the heart, are due to its inability to carry on eftectively the circulation.

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prompt treatment, rapidly passes off. The children the next morn-

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absolutely so ; it is devoid of hair, usually somewhat

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an aneurismal tumour, or by some vast morbid growth. By

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venereal diseases. In this connection he practises diagnostic

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to autopsy, some of the organs showed an attempt at normal development

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iished by official supervision and a good system of inspection. IIow-

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to run, the cannula should be withdrawn and the small wound closed

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according to the location of the cranial lesion and the violence of the

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cutem abdominis ; the incision was made in the same

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On October 28th, after holding it three hours, it was

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glery with words and phrases, but is a function of consciousness only

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size, and peculiar only from their striking paleness and but a slight tend-

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distortions of brim, 53 ; iodoform in uterine disease,

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opposite the naval division. The (lernuins became suspicious and

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body, and we witness the ceaseless waste which, unhappily,

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before active curettage is begun. He then systematically scrapes the

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Secretory Power. — There is usually a gradual and progressive diminu-

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portion of the vessel separated from the circulation may even remain

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rise only to 99^° F. in the evening, with pulse 100. At

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phangiomatosis and tuberous sclerosis: Comparison of radio-

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minutes) is desired, or 1 : 1 ,000 chromic acid solution if the catgut is to be

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language. The majority are translations from the works of

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